Tribute show drums

I've played for many different genres of tribute act, especially as cabaret drummer on cruise ships. Everything from Buble to Sting, copying the drum masters from the acts before. I wrote note for note transcriptions of all the Don Henley drums for the Alter Eagles and for a Michael Jackson tribute too. It's important to me to be authentic as possible.

Musical Theatre show pit drums

Since leaving the Marines Bands service I've had the pleasure of playing for a great many shows both professional Musical Theatre tours and very good AmDrams shows, with companies such as the Brighton Theatre Group. As a percussionist, I'm versatile at styles, read well, and follow conductor and click tracks. My Pantomime drumming helps the acts on stage with sound effects and backing to create comedy and moods. I never miss a gag fall!

Big band/jazz drums

As a child this is where my musical passion grew. My dad played in big bands and I ended up playing in many around London before the Marines band beckoned. I love Basie, Ellington, Harry Connick Jr and all and growing up with constant Sinatra and Ella I learned all the records and all the hits. It was a joy to play a Rat Pack touring show.

Military Drums

I've been a military snare drummer, of sorts, all my playing life. From my early days in Surbiton Royal British Legion Youth Marching Band and then HM Royal Marines Band Service. It's where I first learned to play and marching music music has been an early influence. Here's a totally adlib solo I did for a friends wedding day on a very special drum.

The Equipment choices:

Vater Drum Sticks, Beater and Brushes

My monitoring system

My kits are both Gretsch drums

New Classic & Renown


In Ear Monitors from

Zildjian, with a couple of exceptions, are my cymbals of choice. 

My favourite custom snare drum was made  at Tiki Drums


I've used Protection Racket cases from the very beginning and love being apart of their drumming family.


Recently joined the Code drum heads family after being blown away by them on a test during  show